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Only been on one cruise but waiting for everyone to show up for muster drill was a problem for my DH. Hes only 44 yr old but has mobility problems, wears out easy and has to use oxygen and a cane. Thankfully the staff helped us locate a chair from a nearby restaurant and allowed him to remain seated for muster drill. We were outside for the whole process. Seems like it took nearly 40 minutes from start till end. I know they took down cabin numbers from our life jackets and kept track of who was there. We were on NCL.

The people who dont show to muster drill are probably going to be the same ones pushing and shoving people to be the first in line on the life boats if an incident occurs. I wish people were more considerate and took the muster drill seriously. I mean if my DH can get to muster drill and go through the process then there is no reason in my opinion why anyone else shouldnt be able to. We are leaving on Carnival Conquest in three weeks and Im looking forward to muster drill because it means Im on the ship and its time to cruise!
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