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Thanks for introducing yourself, George.

A lot of people are voting in the poll even though they have not commented and it does look like no one wants alternative entertainment.

Now - it is important to remember that we are talking about "added value" entertainment, but your run of the mill cruise ship show. We are talking about licensed shows from Broadway or proven hits like Blue Man Group.

I think it was a fair question and that most people got it - and they are still saying they would not want this even offered on a cruise ship.

The follow-up assumption to this is that most people are perfectly happy with current cruise shows and attend them regularly - otherwise you wouldn't care if the cruise ship had premium shows they wanted to charge for - because you don't go to shows anyway.

But that isn't the feeling I am getting here. I feeling I am getting is that people object more to the premise of a cruise line charging more for anything than they object specifically to the concept of having premium shows on a ship.

The comments we see are "it's a cruise and entertainment is included," even if it is just another cruise show like you have seen on every other cruise you have taken.

But not all entertainment is equal.
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