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Default Extra charges on cruise ships

Please help me to remeber all the extra things that cruise lines have charged for over the years that were never offered on older cruise ships:

1. Meal-time shows on NCL (Cirque Dreams & dinner, Nickelodeon Breakfast). Hey, the truth is these meals are not better than what you getting in the main dining room, so you were paying for the entertainment.

2. 3D movies on new Costa ships. The Deliziosa has a small 3-D movie theater where they show short (about 20-minute) shows. The cost per seat is about 10 Euro (not cheap) but the movies are fun.

3. Costa Grand Prix racing experience: they have a simulated Grand Prix racer you sit in and it is like driving the car - cost is about 8 Euro

4. Bowling on NCL - the cost is about $4 per line

5. Bowling on MSC - cost is about the same.

Wasn't there a surcharge for Tony & Tina's wedding on some NCL ships?

Please just help remember any unusual things you have paid for (or remember being offered) on any cruise...
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