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Thanks for the info from both of you. I actually have started to look into internships for next year and a number of our students do go into EH&S jobs like MaritimeMan mentioned. We have a similar maritime services firm down here near my school that I may be able to get into. I spoke with an EO in the past who graduated from MSEP and he felt that a good candidate with an environmental engineering degree, whether from a maritime academy or not, would have a great shot at getting an EO position. Of course this was a couple years ago.

Bruce, that is unfortunate news. So all lines are abandoning this? I guess that makes sense if it's not required. But I thought that it had been promoted so heavily as a PR item that it would be odd now to totally pull the plug. Won't people/groups start asking questions?

I guess I am hesitant because I don't want to focus on making this happen in my future if it is totally unachievable, or if the position is now a thing of the past.
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