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George, the people I saw walking out of BMG were mostly older.

Blue Man Group is one of my most favorite shows in the world. I have seen it five times including Epic. Yes, I would return to Epic for the entertainment.

To me the key is differentiating Epic entertainment from other cruise ships. With the exception of some of the bigger Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships most cruise ship entertainment is quite cliche.

I know some people didnt get BMG, but I am sure the vast majority of people loved it. Especially people 30-50 which are the prime demo for cruising.

I also liked Howl at the Moon and Second City a lot. A lot of people raved about Fat Cats blues club.

Sorry, but no one will convince me there is anything wrong with the actual entertainment on Epic. It may not appeal to the Cunard or Holland Americaa crowd, but it certainly fits Epic - which I believe will become known as a young person's ship.

(but they still have a problem with the venue sizes),
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