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Manuel..many of us on this board value your appear to have a Masters in Common Sense from the University of International Life

cruise lines (like the airlines) only charge because they can get away with it..if no one cruised them because of the charges, they would not charge, but they also know that all the cruiselines are doing it..Southwest Airlines has the perfect racket..they spend tons of money to advertise they don't charge for 2 check bags, they have managed to take market share away from their rivals, but they absorb the cost into the in many instances, SW is not the lowest cost carrier in the market anymore but the perception by the consumer is that they bring added value

in the cruise business some consumers folks balk at paying for certain ammenities on the ship.the cruiseline marketing pitch over the years has set that makes one take a second look at some of the perceived high cost (but all inclusive) premium lines as a very good value for your $$$'s a fine balancing act that I am sure will work itself out...
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