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The cruiselines do not make these decisions to charge for certain things in a vacuum. There is a business model they operate under that really makes this necessary. In the past, cruiselines could make a pretty good profit with the cruisefare charged to passengers, but not so much anymore. The cruise industry has very high fixed cost, and we now live in an extremely price conscious society. How many times have we all followed threads where the poster is looking for the absolutely lowest price for the cheapest cabin? Adjusted for inflation, cruisefares are the lowest in many years, they just don't make the money off the cruisefares that they used too.

Cruiselines are a business, and they are in business to make money. They know that they really cannot jack up the cruisefares, so they provide extras at a cost to make up the revenue. We see cruisers here complain about the extra xharges all the time, but if the cruiselines were to really roll those into the basic cruisefare, I think I can safely predict many of the cruisers here would go crazy!

Someyimes it seems like those that complain about the extra costs or cutbacks think the cruiselines are out to get you. They are really just trying to survive a serious recession and stay "afloat" so to speak.

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