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Originally Posted by robh View Post
The Pre-Paid gratuities is to offset the normal AUTOPAY fixed rate gratuity charge to your ship account for each passenger per cabin per day. This does not cover your normal purchase of drinks which have an automatic 15 % added.

So, unless the 15% was buried inside the drink package which I think not , you have been charged correctly. When you order a drink on the ship with your package card, you will not pay 15% as you already did.
Thanks Rob for the info.

It is obvious, "I think" that this scheme is design to confuse the ordinary person and to maximise returns for the company???

In the end I will probably be ahead with this being a 14 day cruise anyway.

The one big reason I chose to purchase this package was to remove drinks from the variables involved with this cruise and to minimise my end of cruise charges.

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