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I don't want to end the conversation because I am still looking for as many spurious added charges as I can find (you guys help me write my articles).

But I really think Blueliner summed up what I keep thinking:

Adjusted for inflation, cruisefares are the lowest in many years, they just don't make the money off the cruisefares that they used too.
That's right - he then says that if you DID precharge for the extras you are getting on ships these days you would rebel. Things like FloRiders, rockclimbing walls, sushi bars, mongolian barbeque, swin against the current pools.

But let's keep the charges coming: here is another one - DVD rentals!!! I believe Holland America charges you a few bucks to rent a DVD from the Explorer's Cafe and take it back to your cabin - am I right or wrong about this?

Also - someone mentioned private cabanas on private islands...

What about cabana rebtals by the ship's pool. Is it Celebrity or Princess that charges something like $25/day for a private cabana? You don't even get the sun, and how private is it anyway?

I like the private part, but not at that price! Sheeeesh.
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