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Each cruise has had its own set of special memories but they all seem 10 times bigger on the first cruise

1) We spent a day before our cruise exploring Miami and were blown away seeing the docked ships as we drove across the causeway. Each time we saw the ships we became more excited about leaving on one.

2) Our first Sail away as we stood at the rail with foo-foo drinks in hand and passed cars on the same causeway that we drove on the day before. We were on our way just like we anticipated the whole previous day. Cars honked, people waved, guys were stunt riding on their motorcycles and jet skis played in the ships wake. The whole city seemed to party for us. Although sail away has always seemed more sedate than that ever since, sailing from Miami is still seems more special than any other port.

3) The view of the Ocean from cliff behind the main temple at Talum where the palm trees grow out of the cliff side slanted out to the ocean like attempting to shade the beach below. We took photos there that my DW enlarged and put in her office as a stress reliever. Several people have actually recognized the location.

4) Our first cabin steward that no one has ever been able to live up to since. I had the feeling that if I stepped out the door and turned around to go back in it would be suddenly tidy with fresh linens and a chocolate or towel animal to greet me.

5) The feeling that I was no longer bound to my home country with my first step outside of the United States from the tender to Grand Cayman.

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