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I think I mentioned on another board here that a buddy of mine and myself ( me a complete landlubber!) are planning a cruise in 2011.
Let me tell you, its become quite a chore!!!! Besides researching which cruise line to go on, I have definitely noticed almost all cruise lines are charging for some of the "better" restaurants on board and some of the "better" activities as well (with the NCL EPIC requiring an accountant to figure out all the surcharges )
So, on the top of the fare, you must add in whatever "surcharges" you will encounter which is yet another calculation you must do! What appears to be happening is cruise lines are "luring you in" with low fares but minimizing what it will really cost after all the "add ons" for the "good stuff." I just hope they don't make the free food and free shows so bad that you are forced to pay for edible food and real entertainment just to add more revenue!
In terms of entertainment I would pay a reasonable surcharge to see a "straight from Vegas, straight from Broadway" show or a famous headliner as long as I have guaranteed seat assignment. Maybe the cruise line can rotate acts as well to keep them fresh- just my 2 cents from a newbie!
So far from what I am finding is cruises are not "all inclusive" as I originally thought

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