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Thanks Pluggo - don't let the extra cost options deter you too much. It is really up to you how much extra you spend. On any ship, including Epic, you can go and not spend anything extra if you don't want to. There are always the included options.

In the cruise trade, these are considered "alternatives" - like Las Vegas if you only go to the free lounge shows and have a coupon for free meals the entire trip in limited restaurants. Yes, the added options are there but they aren't mandatory.

George - I have to say even though I see your point and it makes sense. Yes, the entertainment on Epic will be the same the next time you go, but BMG is a show that is different every time. Legends will change the featured stars every six months and Second City and Howl at the moon are all completely extemporaneous shows that are not scripted so they are always different. You have a point, but I think some may also return because they enjopyed the entertainment so much.

Any ship that has entertainment as its main draw would face the same dilemma, and in that point you are correct. I just recall seeing a LOT of people in Howl at the Moon having a ton of fun night after night.
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