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Originally Posted by nlb1050 View Post

The fact is who ever is truely responsible for the design of the Epic really screwed up with making the entertainment rooms so small that the passengers can not see the shows.
NLB, Man did you save me some writing since I agree totally with all you said about the Edsel, I mean Epic.

My first cruise was in 1984 on the NCL Skyward, followed by several NCL sailings, I was truly addicted to cruising and truly addicted to NCL. Then NCL staff became unhappy and you FELT it. Add on charges began culminating on the only infamous $2 room service fee. On the edge of bankruptcy NCL was purchased by Asian Star. Some one should write a book on NCL so all could know how to take a great product and run it to ground during a time when cruising was in a period of expansion.

Paul says that Epic is for younger crowd. Okay they can have it! I just don't know how they will be able to afford it since they all seem to be moving home with the older crowd.

I just sailed Veendam and did a review which was submitted here and should appear soon I would think. I don't usually sail HA but wanted to do a smaller ship that docked in Bermuda on Front Street before that becomes impossible. Even HA has freestyle dining called something else like Wish dining or something. Yeah I wish they hadn't reduced staff and bought beepers! Then tried to sell it as a favor to me, the consumer.

Bottom line as a regular cruiser, every year cruising gets less and less a unique sea adventure and more and more a land vacation that can rock and has smaller rooms than a hotel.

They want to stick more people on each ship simply a operational cost ratio thing while failing to provide the infrastructure needed to support because it effects the bottom line.

Hey Paul, uh, define younger? Is it persons not old enough to as yet be able to determine when they are being screwed out of a buck?

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