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Hey Paul,
Yes I agree that the cost of the theater lighting and the entertainment has gone up and that back when those costs were less but back when the ships only held 1200 passengers also. They now hold thousands and the net revenue is much higher than it was back then. I myself will not pay for anything extra on a cruise and even find it ofensive to have my tips automatically placed on my tab. Tips are for good service and not to subsidize the cruise lines lousy salaries.

These lines can build massive ships at a who cares what the price is pace and they need to take into consideration the size of all the areas needed on that ship to entertain the guests they have no problem taking a fair from. Anyone who pays extra for anything on these ships is doing no more than promoting the pick pocket atmosphere that now goes on when cruising. I don't enjoy having to pay for everything or for a better seat, food etc. I pay my fair and expect to leave that world behind on land when I board. If they can no longer provide the all included in the fair I pay then it's time for me to take my money to another vacation venue.
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