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"There are times on a very port intensive cruise that we are tired at the end of the day and would just love to relax in our room with a decent meal in the evening. Since it does not cost the cruiseline any extra to prepare the dining room meal for take-out/delivery than it does if I go and sit in the dining room, I don't understand their reluctance in doing this."

I love this, too. Some cruise lines do, and especially the luxury lines specialize in it. If you ever have a room with a butler he will serve each course one at a time.

They probably don't put alarm clocks in because ships change time zones so often and people would to have an easy way to change the time - sometimes a baffling thing on electronic clocks. They have the time on the TV.

A lot of cell phones have nice alarm clock features these days, you could use those.

What cabins DO need are more American eletrical outlets so you can plug in your cellphones wherever you want.

You are not allowed to have irons or water heaters because they are real fire hazards. A small microwave would be nice for popcorn. They should offer it from room service.
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