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Um, isn't that obvious?

Today's business schools don't teach the future MBAs of America to ask what a product or service is worth, oh no. Today's schools teach the students to figure out what the market will pay.

When something is new, they do a trial-and-error process. They pick a price on the low end and see how that goes. If the results look good, they test the waters by raising the price, and then comparing the results. They eventually zero in on the "sweet spot" that makes the most money for the company.

The concept of "voting with your wallet" is not just a phrase, folks. IF you open your wallet and pay, then you are sending a signal that you want to pay for whatever it is you've just paid for. If there are more than a handful of you who do that, the business people behind the decision will conclude that this is a good thing. They don't really care to hear about how you paid but were unhappy about having to pay - they quit listening when you forked over cash. You just told them that you WILL pay, and that's all they care to hear.
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