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I see you are REALLY adamant about this, you have been posting ever since this topic started. You are not alone, a lot of people agree with you, but for you it is an important topic.

I am not saying I disagree with you, but I will say that after having stood in lin for an hour for a front row seat for Blue Man Group I certainly would have paid at least $5 for a reserved seat.

As we noted, NCL has raised the prices for the Cirque Dreams & Dinner by double ($30 and $20) and the Murder Mystery to $25. Those are shows that just happen to have food - it is not special food. Si it has already started (they would have had to feed you anyway).

Now, I think it is important once again to point ot that Carnival has VERY few extra charges.

Carnival has very good comedy shows, and good stage shows.

As far Royal Caribbean entertainment goes, George is also very salient: their entertainment is first-class; Hairspray and Chicago plus their Ice-shows which I happen to like even better than their stage shows - no extra charges there.

I haven't had a chance to see a decent AquaTheater show on RCL yet, but I have heard they are getting better.

The planned entertainment by Cunard for the New Queen Elizabeth is amazing - they have a show with as many as 26 different participant castmembers. They have twice as many stage shows as most cruise ships.

The charges that to me are most egregious are fortunately for things I almost never buy: pictures, cabanas, towels, spa services...

I dont mind paying extra for special food - good food is a small pleasure in life I enjoy. If I can get a 1.5-pound fresh-steamed Maine lobster for $25 on a ship I will do it.

Yes, they offer lobster in the dining room, but you get a 3 oz Caribbean lobster tail that is over-cooked and rubbery. I want the sweet flaky-cheese-texture lobster that bursts flavor into your mouth.

But I feel there will always be cruise lines that remain like Carnival.
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