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All great ideas on your part.
Now let me explain why they are not going to happen.
Many of those amenities are placed there only because most people do not use them.
The cruise line gets brownie points for providing them, but doesn't have to replace them very often. This is a huge cost savings.

Hand sanitizers? Not only very expensive, but they actually cause more illness than they prevent. The CDC has done several studies that show ships that push hand sanitizers actually have more Norwalk outrbreaks than ships that do not push them.
Too many of today's passengers beleive that the sanitizers are a substitute for hand washing rather than the adjunct to handwashing they are designed for.
Note: The sanitizers DO kill germs; they DO NOT kill Viruses.

Tissue package is a great idea. But in today's economic climate, the cruise lines are extremely reluctant to add any new amenities that will increase their costs. Can you imagine how many million pieces Carnival would have to buy in just one year?

The electrical outlet in the bathroom will never change. Electrical systems on ships are a bit different than those on land. It is nearly impossible to "ground" a 110 volt electrical outlet on a ship. In your bathroom at home, an electrical outlet above the handwashing sink or bathtub is not too dangerous. If you accidentally drop an electric device into the water, the electrical system will cut off, preventing your death by electrocution.
On a ship, those outlets cannot be designed the same way. Those passengers who leave their brains at home would be killed when they dropped their hairdryers, curling irons, etc, into the handwashing sink.

Similar issues affect alarm clocks, coffee makers, water boilers, and miocrowaves in cabins.

NCL tried several times to put alarm clocks in all passenger cabins. They were all stolen in a very short time. When they tried to hardwire them into the bulkheads, passengers ripped them out of the walls. When they tried to glue them to the night stands, passengers destroyed the tops of the stands to pry the clocks off and steal them.

Microwaves, coffee makers, and water boilers are all good ideas as well.
Unfortunatly most models are considered fire hazards by the insurance companies that insure cruise ships. Installing them would result in much higher insurance premiums, which would result in higher fares for you.
There are a few models that are acceptable and quite safe - but they are quite expensive. You would also be amazed at how many NCL passengers have been able to fit those large coffee machines into their suitcases. Trying to charge the thieves for the machines usually results in a very expensive exercise in chasing them down and trying to prove the theft - which is nearly impossible.

The NCL ships were built with more powerful electrical systems in the cabins to accommodate the additional electrical machines. Other cruise lines have not done this. Existing ships would need to have all their cabins rebuilt to handle additional electrical loads. That's just not going to happen in today's economy.

Magnifying mirror is a great idea. Some cruise lines have them. But too many passengers steal them. The cost of constantly replacing the mirrors would result in a fare increase for you.
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