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Lets be honest with ourselves here; if a line, such as NCL purposely builds a very small showroom on a 4,500 person vessel, a few things stand to reason. Having a very few seats, means there will be (by design) high demand for the limited supply. Thus, NCL can continue to increase the price, through Las Vegas levels. For the circus show, I see the price doubling gain in a few moths and then in less than a year, doubling again. By design NCL could possibly get $100/150 per ticket, just like in Vegas. I mean they do have a captive audience of 4,500 with little to do at night. All three main shows are "name brands", so Vegas style pricing is a real possibility.

Let me be clear here, I believe the Epic is basically a Harrah's at sea: believe me, NOTHING at Harrah's is free or by definition reasonably priced. Think of what you spend at a day at the Ball Park or NBA game, now you get the idea.
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