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Originally Posted by sistagoldenhair View Post
I'm just back from the Triumph visiting Progreso and Cozumel. Mexico is as beautiful as I remember, and I'm happy to report no drama!!!

The people in Progreso seemed relaxed and hocking their stuff like always. I had some great loaded Nachos and of course a frozen Marg to wash them down - fab food. And the beach was beautiful and busy!!

Its good to be informed - but I think I let the media hype get to me this time.

I'm going back to Cozumel in December and I won't be staying on the ship, but I plan to shop for bargins.
We (and lots more) survived THAT cruise and Cozumel. And how 'bout that game Thursday night! Who Dat!

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Carnival Triumph - Sept 6, 2010 - Sept 11, 2010

It is sad that the US media seems more interested in selling advertising than in reporting all the news - good and bad. Beware of alarmists, or not. Personally, I choose to live my life - time is limited and one never knows. In this country or others, everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings.

NYE in many US cities is a crap shoot at best. It is not unusual for innocent people to be injured or worse from falling bullets. In more that one city in the US I know that police are told to be parked under an overpass at Midnight - not only because of "accidents" but because they may be targets.

As for "drug lords" and "drug cartels" - if America was not addicted to drugs, there would be very few, if any, in Mexico. One cannot separate the drug addiction in the US with the violence in Mexico.
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