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Our last cabin had an odor problem. The staff shampooed the carpet several times, wiped everything down, sprayed etc. Even though they were diligent, the smell would not leave. I suggested changing out the carpet, drapes and all softgoods before they sailed again. Carnival's follow up with us each day was amazing. On our last morning, we received a letter and a follow up visit from two supervisors on the ship and received a very nice credit on our on board account. We did not expect that or ask for it but it was really appreciated.

That being said, in addition to my febreze and lysol spray (minis) that I always pack, I will bring a Febreze Plug in next time (with the built in nite light).

DH likes to have his binoculars for spotting fish, dolphins, etc.

The large over door shoe organizer is great and holds everything you need without cluttering up the counter.

Contact info and itinerary printed out and placed in every bag, purse, camera bag etc. Brightly colored ribbons on each piece of luggae.

Purex Laundry sheets (new) take up very little space, are lightweight and include fabric softener the sheet.

I pack a fold up duffle bag (about $10 at Walmart for packing last minute items and or souvenirs, dirty laundry etc. on last day.

I-pod, or MP3, books, puzzle books etc. for relaxing.

A pressing cloth (or borrow a napkin from room service tray) for ironing clothes on board. Sometimes the older ships have a rust problem in the water, so the steam from their irons can leave a stain. I use a pressing cloth when I use their ironing rooms. Also bring a lint roller and Magic Spray sizing.

A record of my credit card and bank accounts, contacts etc. If I take my laptop, I have these stored in a password protected file. If on paper, be sure to lock in the safe. Better yet leave info with a trusted friend or relative (son/daughter/parent) in case you need to retrieve it due to loss cards etc.

Notify bank if you plan to use a credit card or debit/atm card in foreign country and tell them a start and end date. If you don't you may have your card blocked.
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