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Default Your Key to Promenade Deck

Originally Posted by suse View Post
One of the weirdest charges I've encountered this year was on the Veendam.
Lovely ship, lovely cruise, but they charged a deposit of $10 for the key to go out on the deck for the lanai cabins. This is the key that will let you back in. Well, ok. Didn't bother me until I dropped it at the desk with about 50 people waiting in line for their complaints or whatever and I never got credited for the $10. I didn't go to the desk the next day to have it removed since there was such a long line.
It was petty, though, of the cruiseline to charge a deposit for the key. I could have asked my stateroom attendant to return it for me but he was busy enough.
Now that is interesting because they advertize those Lanai cabins as your "Your Key to Promenade Deck", just wake up in morning and go for a walk outside your cabin.

Celebrity would charge for Spa/Sauna access on the Alaska cruise as in like we canwe sit on the deck when it 12C.

Overall I think cruise lines will benefit the people who have land access to major ports in the winter season as those new large ships that turnaround each week have to fill with passengers (5,000+) . That is a lot of passengers to find each week and local folks will find bargains and can expect to pay the extras for what is really not a lot of monies at that point. It is a small minority that do not pay for the extras while the average person probably drops about $300 to a $1,000 on top of the cruise rate.
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