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Good Morning Gang -

tried to send a posting earlier - and when I hit send I got the message that the server was down or something like that - what????

Kat - have been watching the weather for your area - will come prepared for just about anything!

TC - congrats on the game!

Think I'm going to have to make a "bucket list" of places that I want to visit - in looking at the map, I've been all over the mid-west, west, parts of the east coast but have never been to the northeast . The states I really want to visit are NY, Maine, Vermont and Tennessee. In 2011, dh wants to do a driving trip to Alaska with his sister and bil. Since he wants to see Alaska and doesn't want to cruise I guess this is the only way I'll get to see Alaska!

ok, better look productive here at work today - will post later to see if we're making headway to page 500.
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