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Originally Posted by bahamamomma View Post
TM - I don't think I'd pass up Connecticut, I'm sure if I were to come to the Northeast I'd try to see a bit of every state in the area. Of course, I'd probably be traveling alone as dh has no desire to travel to highly congested areas - thus our travels to the mountains all the time - get away from people!

We are so different, I like lots of people - he's a loner, would rather stay at home than go out and do stuff. Makes it hard sometimes for my job as I have to attend several social functions and I hate having to explain why he isn't with me.

One trip at a time, I will get to the Northeast since I want to see the fall foilage - it will happen!

I know this helped the cause........ (p. 500 here we come) will check back later .......
Your husband came from the same mold as my wife
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