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Hey Gang,

Stormy last night lots of lightening and buckets of rain - now today is sunny and starting out cool but will get warmer as the day goes on.

Kat - as a matter of fact the hotel we're staying in is holding the Northern California Premium Sake Fest - we're debating whether or not we want to pay out the cost of this activity - $60 advance and $70 at the door.

We're sure there's so much to do and we just want to do it all!! I'll have to check out the "Burn the Floor" and see what that's all about!!

Not much going on at work today - most of the guys are at meetings, the boss is gone - so what's a person to do ........ don't worry I'll figure it out real quick:-)

ok, phone is ringing now, so it's to work I must go........

will check in later.......
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