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Originally Posted by Cruise Socrates View Post
I usually find that the spa treatments onboard cruise ships are very expensive. You will be better of to get the treatment done before your cruise or alternatively at one of the ports you are visiting especially if there is nothing interesting to do at the destination.
A massage on the cruise is MUCH more expensive than at home. But here's my thinking on it. At home, I'd need to go home, shower, and change into comfortable clothing. Get in the car and drive to the spa. Then come home and continue the day, laundry, cook dinner, clean the bathroom, all kinds of anti-spa activities.

During the cruise, I can spend the morning in the pool, enjoy a great massage, go soak in the hot tub, get a tan, have someone bring me a drink, and live the entire spa event throughout the day.

It's a lot of money, but when connected to the cruise environment, it's so much different than a spa treatment at home.
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