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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post


Actually, my tastes are quite simple. I like the best!

But seriously, Celebrity's style tends to cater to the upper middle class to upper class, who are not exactly pinching pennies. The line has the most expensive specialty restaurants in the industry at $30.00 per person per occasion, very upscale prices at its coffee venues (Cova Cafe di Milano or whatever), and some of the most expensive specialty shops on the seas. The passengers drawn back to Celebrity are not exactly folks who are going to buy boxed wines to save a couple bucks.

I'd not say the passengers I've seen or heard being upper middle class , however you define that. Most are attracted to the sales pitch of the line being above say Princess or HA and just see how much they can get away with for surcharges.
Sure, we are middle class per our tax people and we do buy wine in a box as it is of value normally from an estate where we live on Vancouver island.
The food is good but they had to get rid of the original chef and start again to attract people.
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