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Default Cruising with a 13 year old~~Help!!!

My hubby and I are going on Conquest 12/12/10 with our daughters (13 and 10), and our son (9). My two youngest will be together in the camp, but my 13 year old will be by herself. I'm just wondering how the camp is for that age group. I tend to be a tad bit overprotective, and I just can't see letting her go off by herself in a ship full of people I don't know. I know that at that age they can check themselves in and out when they want. Is it pretty safe for a 13yo girl? I want her to have fun with people her own age, but just can't seem to imagine how it will all play out? Any suggestions, or advice. I plan on having her carry a walkie-talkie, and I also plan on having set times and areas to meet, but since cell phones don't work on board I'm pretty nervous!! Well, freaking out might be a better way of putting it!!
Happy sailing!!!
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