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I was on the ship also. This is what I heard from a fellow passenger who supposdely saw the incident. This passenger was a deck above and saw a man ( 50's English ) argueing with his wife. He was outraged and jumped off the 5 th deck at 1:30 am. A crew member also saw the man jump and immediately threw a round circular life preserver with an attached lighted buoy device that was tethered to the preserver. There was an announcement made in the common areas that stated someone was overboard and the ship was turning around to find him. I was sleeping at the time and did not hear any announcement in my stateroom. He was indeed found and rescued thanks to being seen by the crewmember. He was put in observation ( whatever that means ) and was allowed to return with the ship to Ft. Lauderdale. Again all second hand info. However the man was rescued and suffered no injuries, thank God !!
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