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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
Norm, I believe that you continue to live in a dream world!

Truer words were never said!!!!! Sometimes you just have to laugh when Norm likes to say that those who sail Celebrity are upper middle class to upper class and are more sophisticated than other cruise lines.

I remember Norm saying that in addition to Celebrity cruisers being more sophisticated than those passengers who sail on other cruise lines, their children were also very well behaved and not like those children on other cruise lines. Sounds like more like something right out of a PR release from Celebrity.


The elitist statement aside, you are fine to bring your own "boxed" wine on board. Be aware that Celebrity does have a two bottle limit on carryon wine. Since Celebrity started offering an all you can drink program, they clearly limit carryon liquor or wine to increases their profits, and I would have no problem with putting a few extra bottles in my suitcase, carefully packed of course.

Enjoy your cruise and especially enjoy that "boxed" wine!!!

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