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Default More women cruising solo then men?

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I just couldn't disagree with this statement more. Women are considered non-threatening and social, while single men are considered to be predatory and interested in sex. On a ship full of married people the women won't talk to a single man because it is unseemly and the men have absolutely no interest in befriending you because they are there with their wifes.

My personal opinion is that if yoiu are going to travel as a single either you must be prepared to be ignored and excluded, or you have the kind of mentality where you just join up with people and not worry about whether you are intruding. Personally, I can tell when people don't seem to be interested in my presence and I don't insert myself into their activities. Some guys can do that and will be accepted as "fun-loving guys." I'm not like that.
I saw this comment from Paul Motter on the "common courtesy among ship passengers" thread here. Its interesting he made this comment because, as a single male in his 40's myself, I have traveled alone (not on a cruise but still planning my first cruise with friends someday ) - and I have experienced the same. I definitely have seen people befriend a solo woman way way before any solo man particulerly married couples and families. Maybe its that preconcieved notion a solo man as a "predator" or maybe something "worse" so we are avoided like the plague. Unfortunately, in today's world, people are very distrusting and leary of strangers period so imagine a solo single guy on a cruise ship full of married couples and families! Definitely I have seen significantly more solo women traveling on cruises and I have known quite a few too. Solo cruise travelor reviews have been overwhelming from solo women travelors as well.
I am an outgoing guy but I wouldn't put myself in a situation where I might a chance of feeling uncomfortable or have a bummer of a time especially in an enclosed space like a ship - and even more so on a vacation!

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