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When we were on our French Polynesia cruise I had an encounter. My wife and I had rented a car on Moorea and found a nice, fairly secluded, beach to swim and snorkel. We had finished snorkeling and were laying on the beach taking in some sun and I noticed a couple walking down the beach. They were about 100 yards away. As they got closer I said to my wife: "That looks like Scott Ellis". He was a high school friend and we had stayed somewhat in touch over the years. As they got even closer I saw it was him and I kept my head down. As they started to walk past I looked up and said: "Hi Scott." he turned his head and with a look of real surprise said "What the heck are you doing here?"

I knew that he had divorced a couple of years earlier and it turns out that he was on his honeymoon with his new bride.

We talked for awhile and caught up on things and he and his new bride went on their way.

The best thing about that was that after that we are much more in touch and see each other about once a month. My wife and his wife are even better friends. He and I both love to tell that story. You travel 7,000 miles to get away from everyone and who the heck is on the beach in Tahiti.

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