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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Thank you everyone for your answers. I want to be clear that the problem is not that I don't like the name reflection, I just don't like the fact that they broke down the theme. There are many things I think they could have used: Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Solaris, Celestial.

The they did the same thing with the millennium class ships. I was honestly trying to remember all for ships yesterday and I could not remember them. They are Millennium, Infinity, Constellation and Summit. Once again the theme broke down. All of the words were time or space related, except for the last one. How about "Celebrity Eternity?"

When they came up with Oasis of the Seas, I was very disappointed and equally by the sister ship Allure of the Seas. I don't think you can say and name Allure of the Seas without looking like Dana Carvey doing the "Church Lady."

Foremost, ship names should never have terrestrial connotations: Summit (a mountain top) and Oasis, which the dictionary says is a small piece of land in the middle of a desert.

I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me, "what is the name of that really big ship that just came out?" Imagine if they had just named the ship Genesis? How much more memorable is that? It is like the name Titanic, a name which no one ever forgets.

My wife brought up the idea of making the names plural. I think this works very well. Take a look at the Voyager class: Voyager, Explorer, Mariner, Navigator and Adventure. Once again, the theme breaks down with the last ship. I would have liked the name Adventures of the Seas better. I also would like the name Celebrity Reflections.

How about other names like discoverer, or Wayfarer? There are more but I am not working on that right now.

And I really do not mean to pick on Royal Caribbean, although I have to admit that it has been their names that I have questioned the most.

I very much appreciate what you said about Holland America. However, at the time they started that naming convention the company was a Dutch company. Today it is an American company. While I very much appreciate the concept as a ship lover, as a realist and a business person I think it makes far more sense to give ships memorable names. The last two ships, Eurodam and New Amsterdam, are very memorable, just like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I just think they need to work along those lines a little bit longer and avoid the names that are not so memorable.

There are many names that I love, as I mentioned Seabourn Sojourn, Odyssey, and Quest. But that is a different topic.

They never named them after Celestial objects and they have continued the theme... They are all named after cars....
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