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But I can tell you that on our sailing she pissed off a lot of people by being very obnoxious.
Ah, if only that was a good reason to throw people in the brig, there'd never be any lines at the buffet for me.

I can tell you several years ago I was on a cruise, met a couple at the blackjack table who were arguing quite a bit. Saw the woman the next day in the casino pretty badly bruised, and she told me her husband had beaten her, and she reported it to security. I checked with "the ship" and was told the husband had been put off in port that day. Then I happened to see him on the next sea day. I was SHOCKED to have been lied to, but also to see him allowed to freely use the ship. (He'd been moved to another cabin).

On a translatlantic sailing 2 years ago, I saw a fight break out in the dining room at a table of elderly people. Turned out (security told me), on man had tried to attack another at the table with a butter knife (For the remainder of the cruise I referred to him as "Jack the Butterknife). Again, I was shocked, when 2 days later he showed up in the dining room at the same table. I followed up and was told they "settled their differences".

I've also seen fights or at the least "pushing matches" between passengers occur on cruise, and nothing more was done that breaking up the fights, and separating the passengers.

Apparently the Captain's on those occassions didn't feel the offenses justified locking those parties in their cabins, or demanding they leave the ship.

it's interesting when "incidents" make the news, and then get discussed on the message boards.. particularly when people "take sides". No one will ever know the facts of the case because certainly the cruise lines won't report their side.

But, with the variety of incidents I myself have witnessed, I can say that I feel safe in saying the Captain doesn't always do the right thing.

And there's certainly plenty of times the passengers don't either, and it can go way beyond being obnoxious.
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