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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Of course we don't know exactly what happened, but the Captain knows exactly what happened.

Insinuation is the word the reporter used. The Captain didn't insinuate anything, he made a statement to the couple as to why they were to be booted. He had to have mentioned the physical part as Sher admitted that much to the reporter.

I'm not saying it's clear to me what happened between the couples, I'm saying it's clear to me what the article is stating.

Mark: I bet you steered clear of them......
We tried our best to avoid them, but she seemed to like us. Despite our best efforts to pretend that we didn't see them, find a table in the lounge away from theirs, etc., she honed in on us a few times.
She told us about the supposed pedigree of her husband. She also told us she was a Broadway producer (which is substantiated) and that she is a reporter with the NY Times (which is not).
She was often very rude to staff and to other guests. I have never seen more eye-rolling than when she was around.
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