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Originally Posted by lannp View Post
Just because you are staying in a Grill cabin doesn't make you any better than a non-Grill passenger. I witnessed this kind of behaviour in the Priority check-in line last year at Southampton. Although I was a Britannia-grade passenger with my Platinum status I check in with the Diamond status and Grills passengers. While waiting for an agent to become available "Queen's Grill" passengers announced we are Grill and pushed ahead of me and strode to the available agent before the Cunard rep and I could blink. The rep apologized profusely and I said it didn't matter and muttered "Just because you are Grill doesn't make you any better". The rep did not say a word but she gave me a big smile.

The thing I find interesting was that when they were allowed to stay on board, Bernie Warner took away their alcohol. To me that implies that this might be an alcohol-fueled problem.
Yes, completely agree. She probably doesn't even recall what she did either.

My Aunt and cousin did a quick B2B last year on QM2 (over and back) just for the cruise experience. I have yet to sail on Cunard and it may not be what I have envisioned. I was hoping for the 'old school' quality and experience on board ship. I hope people such as this couple are rare as I really do want to try Cunard, I love the history of the line.
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