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There was time a little over a year ago when we had three or four different incidents of people being booted off cruise ships by the captains for different reasons. One of them was a man who had gotten into an argument with the casino staff on the first day of a 10 day European cruise. The next day was the day at sea and he was confined to his cabin a whole day and the next morning he was put off the ship. This man had sobered up and already apologized to the Russian he had argued with within an hour of the incident. During the incident nobody was hurt.

This guy was not given a break, but I communicated with him personally a great deal after the cruise and I came to the inclusion that the incident had been a very big misunderstanding where he had been provoked into his behavior. When all was said and done this mistake cost him almost $10,000 in a lost cruise at the expense of keeping up with his family by flying to most of the port cities for the remainder of the cruise while his family remained on board.

All I am saying is that there are times when we don't know the whole story and that differences can be settled. As long as both parties agree to forgive and forget I actually personally believe that is the best way to proceed. Putting people off of cruise ships should never be done lightly since a cruise is often a very expensive investment.
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