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Default You should be good-to-go

Sounds like you have all you need.
If you live in one of the states that issues (and you have one) an Enhanced Driver License is all you will need providing you are going on a closed-loop cruise.

If you have any doubt as to whether or not you were issues an Enhanced Driver License, then bring your birth certificate too. And to avoid any questions about whether or not your BC is acceptable, make it a point to drop by your local passport issuing facility. I'll bet there is one near you. See this link: Where to Apply for a Passport Nationwide
In many cases they are a post office. They will be able to confirm if your BC meets re-entry requirements - and that should give you peace of mind to be assured that you will not be turned away when boarding.

The Enhanced Driver License (info here ) is treated the same as having a passport card (I have that too) and that would be ALL you need to present when boarding and at re-entry.

Have a great time and a safe trip!

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