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Actually, it follows through on the theme -- the play on light and shadow.
I don't think "light" right away when I hear the words Solstice and Equinox. I think about Celestial bodies and their juxtapositional relationships.

As I said (or maybe I didn't) the names "silhouette and reflection" sound like wrist watches.

A ship is supposed to represent majesty and adventure, man conquering the elements to arrive at new places. They should be named after ancient gods, real Kings & Queens, words of adventure or accomplishment, tributes to famous places, etc.

Even the government run Space Program was more adept at finding names than some cruise lines: until "Space Shuttle"

BUt we had Mercury (the first manned capsule named after the first planet and also a Roman god) then Gemini to represent two people in a pod, then Apollo for our mightiest rocket ever built.
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