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Originally Posted by You View Post
I don't think "light" right away when I hear the words Solstice and Equinox. I think about Celestial bodies and their juxtapositional relationships.
Actually, my impression is that Celebrity was not planning a class of two vessels when they chose the names "Solstice" and "Equinox" -- the events which mark the turn of seasons -- and thus had to scramble to come up with additional names for the subsequent vessels. But in any case, the word "solstice" actually refers to the extrema of duration of sunlight while "equinox" actually refers to the equality of daylight and night that occur at the respective planetary alignments. Of course, the word "eclipse" also refers to a panetary alignment in which the shadow of the moon falls on the earth (solar eclipse) or vice versa (lunar eclipse).

I'll grant you that Silouette and Reflection do not preserve the theme of planetary alignments, but they do preserve the theme of play of light and shadow. And in any case, I do think that Silouette and Reflection are better choices than Conjunction and Opposition (which are planetary alignments)....

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