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I have a shopping list of things I wish I could get.

1 - Cains Mayonaise local to the New England area.
2 - Fried Clams, whole belly ones not the strips.
3 - Real Maple Syrup, I get it by asking family to get it at the farms in NH and bring it when they come south.
4 - Whoopie Pies, another New England delight.
5 - My Mothers home made pies because me baking pies is a disaster waiting to happen.
This list could go on and on but I will stop here

Just one more thing.......

I would like would be my Grandmothers home made crab apples. She passed away in 1986 after spending 10 years in a nursing home. My uncle had been clearing out the old family home in Eastport Maine and found several jars of her crabapples. This was in 1986. She had been in the nursing home for 10 years so those apples were at least 10 years old. He took them to his home in Rhode Island. At Thanksgiving he brought them out and served them. We all tried them, a bit cautiously due to their age. They were wonderful. It was a gift from heaven from my Grandmother.

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