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Good early morning everyone:

I awoke early this morning. I'm not feeling the greatest and when I looked at myself in the mirror I know why. I bloated up like a fish overnight. When I weighed myself I was 12 pounds more than I was yesterday morning. It is really weird how that can happen. Well it's diuretic time.

Today is lunch with our granddaughter at her school. It is fun to go and sit at the little benches and the granddaughter loves it. I wonder if I can trade a PBJ for something better. After that I will be going to Target Field and see the second playoff game. Hopefully they will be able to hang on an pull this one out!

Donna: The name of the Mustang is up for debate: The designer says that it was named after the P51 Mustang fighter plane. Lee Iaccoca said that the name came to him after watching a SMU Mustang's football game. No one but Iaccoca can back that one up "but" he was the executive in charge of the project and would have final say. However the overall consensus is that it is named after the P-51 Mustang.

I'm a big fan of Springsteen but I think the CD question would be a question for debate. I had to Google that one because while I like Springsteen, it didn't sound right. There are a huge variety of answers from Abba to Billy Joel to the Bee Gees and Springsteen. Where does your Trivia guy get his information?

Take care,
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