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Good morning everyone and let me say right off the bat how thankful we are that Trips' daughter Nikki's collision was not worse than what it turned out to be considering how it developed and that the young lady is now recovering from what have to be, very painful injuries.

I presume Mike that you'll be temporarily moving your easy chair to within three feet of the bathroom. That's almost what I had to do when at one time I was on three 80 mg tablets of furosemide a day I (which I continue to believe is far too much as that is definitely enough to dehydrate a pachyderm. Considering my corpulency which at that time was even more considerable than it is today though,......

It's going to be another beautiful day here in upper East Tennessee. Alas, I can only relate very depressing news about my beloved Fran. That is why I didn't post yesterday. She remains bedridden, has not eaten a complete meal since probably the middle of last week (yesterday only having a couple of spoonsfull of broth). She has an appointment this afternoon with her oncologist. Among other things, he is going to prescribe an appetite stimulant (that we both are praying will work). I so don't want to be a crepe hanger, but the outlook is not good at all. It turns out the terrible infection she incurred was over and beyond the problem for which she was admitted and Fran and I both were so afraid that was the case. So we are in fact, back to square one.

She may well be admitted to a hospital in Kingsport (where I used to be hospitalized for my heart attacks over the years). I hope that's not necessary for purely selfish reasons. I am just worn out mentally and emotionally and the trek back and forth everyday would cause me great problems logistically. She is proud that I've kept up the house as well as I have. I believe many husbands don't often realize that their wives frequently work far harder at home than their husbands do at work.

As always, I thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes just as I continue to remember all of my beloved cruisemates or their loved ones who are themselves fighting illness and injury.

Be assured I'll check in even if I don't have time to post. As stated above, prayers and Blessings for all of those on my considerable list continue.

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