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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom View Post
First, let me say... and although I've hinted at it in my NCL Gem review have NEVER talked or written about it.. One night while sitting at the bar with a diet coke.. an Engineering Officer and I struck up a conversation..Not only were his comments (he was from Croatia) anti-American calling them "stupid pigs"...he then began anti-semetic remarks about the Jews and all their money..Being Jewish I calmly told him all the things he was saying was not true...I did not yell or at that point tell my husband.. The next morning I went to the Purser and in the privacy of her office told her my story... within an hour.. the Security Officer came up to find out what the story was and who the man was...He was identified by security cameras at the bar..The Security Officer gave me a "song and dance" about hatred and prejuidice...blah, blah, blah.. What happened to the Officer, I don't know...I was told he would be dealt with!!! If I had chosen to make this encounter public last year I would have posted it on various sites where there are a great many NCL cruisers to warn Jewish cruisers who support think twice. The incident on the Cunard and the comments by posters in the that anti-semitism exists.... what the Captain did with the other couple involved in this nobody seems to know.. How obnoxious this NY woman is I don't know but to have treated this couple so poorly by confining them to their cabin and not paying attention to any other couples taking their side is unconscionable.. To think that this behavior is allowed on the Cunard line and anti--semitism is rampant... is beyond belief.. Yes, Cunard draws a very upscale clientle and they expect and demand certain things.. but to hear a passenger say "there are too many Jews".... I would have probably answered the same as the insulted guest..Oh, I can just imagine what Parrot Pop would say.. Most likely too...a trip to the Captain or whoever to demand an apology on this couples attitude.. Shame, shame, shame on Cunard and their Captain. I'm sure all this negative publicity will damage their reputation.. Folks.. Anti-semitism is not's alive sadly to say
Sadly, anti-semitism, racism, homophobia, ageism, etc. are all alive and well. But to suggest that Cunard is exceptionally problematic is senseless.
I am also Jewish, and don't really "look" Jewish. I regularly hear anti-semitic remarks even here in NYC.
I am also gay but don't "look" or "act" gay. I also hear anti-gay remarks.
Just look at the level of political and civil discourse in our society. Look at the politicians (on both sides) and watch their pandering to ignorant statements and making blanket statements about groups of people.
To consider someone an individual, rather than a member of a group, requires an active mind. Sadly many people have very dull, lazy intellects.
Even on this board, a thread about child molestation quickly received a posting that suggested that liberals would be more tolerant. With that low level of discourse, how can we expect better?
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