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MARKNYC- Unfortunately or is it sadly, I'm of the age when I did receive anti-Jewish comments growing up and being the only Jewish child in school.. You have a "double whammy".. gay and Jewish..and I don't know what "looking Jewish is about these days"...Dear friends/partners on a Princess cruise with us were subjected to anti-gay remarks from a guide for more than an hour last year.. This may get me "deleted" as has been recently, but there is a "conservative" group on this board who think LIBERALS are to blame for the worlds problems and blame them for everything from the oil leak to I swear the weather.. For the heck of it I checked out another cruise board on this discussion this a.m. and there is no uproar by posters, many of them being Brits.. According to one poster there is on the Silverseas a list of "banned" passengers..If that is so and these people had caused problems previously why were they allowed to board.. I honestly believe there are three sides of the story and there is no doubt that the media will pickup on this and the couple will be all over the tv talk shows.. As for my experience on the NCL Gem I wish I had gone further to find out exactly what the punishment for the officer would be, especially when the Security Officer talked about attitudes in other countries with black soccer players and it was "common"..Right now Cunard has a major public relations problem and we have just heard only the beginning of it.. As an aside I have just received from Yad Vashem a long lost photo album that was taken at Auschweitz..(sp) showing Jews getting off the train and the separation, etc. etc. ..You know.. I think now not only would I have said the same phrase.. but maybe a glass of my wine in their face too. Being Jewish and Liberal is not easy these days, is it!!

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