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Default First CD ever sold

Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
Can't say "Good" morning today, as it is wet and miserable out there today.
High winds and heavy rains all night look like they will continue through most of the day as well. Quite a difference from yesterday's sunshine!

Tonight we are going to see a show at our local entertainment centre.
It is a Tribute to John Denver, and when I saw it advertised, I'd hoped it was Jim Curry, the Denver look-a-like we saw on the Noordam earlier this year, but alas, it is not. There is a local theatre company who is putting on this show, live music etc. with a John Denver repertoire. If it's even HALF as good as the one we saw on the ship, I'm sure it will be good.

Your answer to yesterday's trivia question, "What was the 1st CD ever sold?"
is Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA.
How about another one? The Ford Mustang was named after what?
Answer tomorrow...

Trip, I hope Nikki is continuing to recover and is doing all right.
Judy, glad to heat Wendell is out of ICU.
Todd, how is Fran doing today?

I always believed that the first CD ever sold was by Dire Straits .Perhaps that was the first in England .

Good Morning from warm and sunny NY . I am making plans to begin working with a Personal Trainer .

I hope everyone has a great day and that Fran and all those ailing are feeling better .
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