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Default Fran update 8 October 2010

It's approximately 12:40 am this Friday morning and before I crawl down the hall to bed I thought I'd provide you another update.

Fran was admitted once again to the hospital this afternoon. Thankfully we didn't have to go to Kingsport, only had to go across town where they have an Infection Control Specialist (the same one we would have seen in Kingsport). It's a larger and newer hospital and quite attractive. Neither of us has ever been there as a patient so this is a first.

We are praying they can isolate what is causing her fevers and that it isn't what it could well be, a Richter's conversion from chronic Leukemia/Non Hodgkins Lymphoma to the acute variety.

In any event her spirits are good and although she hasn't been able to eat virtually anything (this morning she actually forced down a piece of toast)for the past four or five days, after they completed the admitting process around nine this evening, she was given a bowl of chicken noodle soup which she actually enjoyed (go back now and play Beenie Weenie's Hallelujua Chorus link again ).

I'm punch drunk both physically and emotionally but at least I got my newspaper column writ and got some housework done so I won't be embarrassed should one of the neighbors drop in.

Of course as I always, I thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. I go by the little country axiom popular around these parts, "Ain't nuthin' gonna' happen today whats me and the Lord can't handle." It really does make things easier.

On this end, I have finished my prayers and all of you who are ill or under travail were included. I forget whether it was Darlene, Fern or who that commented they're prayers are taking so long they can hardly get them done. Boy, I'll certainly raise a glass to that one!

Yeah Mike, I was on the verge of passing out from all that furosemide. The 240 Mgs. daily lasted about four days and that was it!

Now I need to take some sleeping medication to try and get some rest. You'uns can have all your Ambien and that junk, as I've found out that a tumbler brimmed up with Jack Daniels works rather well and boy, it tastes a lot better! :-D Betcha' Ken "Sky" knows a tad about that.

Will try and check in tomorrow. Prayers, Blessings and most of all love. go out to each and everyone.

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