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Good Morning Cruisemates!
Oh Donna! 48 degrees does sound a wee bit chilly for a yard sale. Let's hope things warm up a bit soon for you.

Judy and Suse, your encouragement means so much to me. Thanks!

The foot is continuing to do well. No issues aside from a little soreness yesterday, but there's no swelling. I was happy when I got a phone call from my Foot Surgeon's "right hand woman" Brenda. It looks like I am now scheduled to have surgery on the other foot Oct. 19th... Yay! I can't believe how excited I am to get this done and over with.

D/H has been working all week in Grand Rapis, MI. He buzzed across the border yesterday to go have dinner and spend the night with his Mom & Dad in Canada. He says he is coming home today... We'll see. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't come home until tomorrow. I am just happy they can all get together. So whatever works.

Well today must be destined to be a great day since I found a matching pair of socks right away and didn't have go digging through the "basket of eternally mismatched socks that have been eaten by the mysterious sock monster that lives in the dryer" for very long.

In a bit I will roust the wee ones. The boy is especially exhausted since night before last he snuck two large bottles of Crystal Light. See, their marketing geniuses do not want parents to know that they are buying drink mixes that are often loaded with caffeine. It is buried in tiny little print on the side of the tiny little box. I figure if they are going to put warning labels on cigarettes, then they should put them on any Crystal Light product that contains caffeine as well. It should read "WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS LARGE AMOUNTS OF CAFFEINE. SHOULD YOUR CHILD INGEST THIS PRODUCT, HE WILL DISPLAY OBNOXIOUS BEHAVIOR, START TO BOUNCE OFF THE WALLS AND WILL REFUSE TO SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG. HE WILL ALSO WAKE YOU OUT OF A DEAD SLEEP AND WANT YOU JOIN HIM IN BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS AND WILL DISPLAY PARANOID BEHAVIOR AND ANXIETY, CLAIMIMG THERE IS SOMETHING "OUT THERE" AND THERE ARE MONSTERS UNDER HIS BED. THIS BEHAVIOR WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING WHEN THE CHILD WILL CRASH AND BECOME A PATHETIC PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR."

So that's life here in the midwest. Hope you all have a great day.

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