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Default Disappointed

"I am not surprised by Arrison's remark, but, disappointed. That his remark was short, was intentional. To have explained further, he would have then had to justify the handling of the situation, to groups, he would rather not.

People will read into his response differently, as we just read....."

ABSOLUTELY agree with you Trip and Paul expected a more in detail response by Mr. Arinson....or are they expecting a law suit and want to keep the minute details under the covers. This is a sticky and disdainful situation for Cunard/Carnival and I'm sure there are many potential cruisers who will think twice about the attitude of the line. I don't ever expect to find myself financially able to cruise on Cunard...but if I was.. I'd certainly take my business elsewhere. Behind the scenes we can bet there is a thorough investigation and new policies and procedures for handling these sad situations, don't you agree
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