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Default Good Monday Morning Cruisemates

It looks like no one has kicked off the good morning thread so let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Monday.

I slept late today since the furry alarm clock has decided to go on an extended hunting trip. It was sad to pick up his dog dish and take his bed out of our bedroom but all things must pass. He'll be cremated tomorrow and I will spread part of his ashes this weekend in South Dakota. It was where we went on our annual hunting trips and he loved them. He would come home scratched and his nose rubbed raw from sniffing the ground. He may have been sore but he was happy. It took a while for Betty to figure that out. She would always chew my butt for letting him get scratched up. Once she saw him in action she understood.

Today will be a house cleaning day. At least the vacuuming will be less now. I also have to shampoo the carpet where he got sick a couple of times yesterday. I did clean it up and disinfected but I still feel that a shampooing is in order. Otherwise that's it.

I hope Donna is over her cold and that Fran is doing better.

I also want to thank everyone for their condolences and best wishes for Kramer, Betty and myself. It really made me feel better (even though a couple made me cry) and it was greatly appreciated.

Well: Back to regularly scheduled programming. Have a great Monday.

Take care,
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